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Bastiaan Kijzers (Delft 1962)


In 1999 I discovered a technique that enables me to give my photos multiple layers.

By taking more than one picture to register a scene, I can vary every single shot in different ways and combine them into one scene. This collage

technique offers me the opportunity to play with time, movement and depth within one photo.


Natural elements intrigue me. I find them everywhere; in streets, gardens, wild nature or artificial nature. The way I undergo natural elements is similar to

the way I take pictures: I look, I study, I experience, I wander, I wonder.

Natural elements intrigue me everywhere, in streets, gardens, wild nature or artificial nature.


With my photos I want to tell you what I have experienced and communicate to you my fascination with that moment.

If this triggers your associative thoughts and inspires you to make up your own tale,

then I have reached my ultimate goal: it will be your personal photo.