From 1999 I examined my new found techniques until 2012, then I was ready to show other people my world.

2012 exibition, De Galerie in The Hague

2012 Affordable Artfair

2013 works included in the art collection of MN

2013 exibition, De Galerie in The Hague

2013 Affordable Artfair Amsterdam

2013 special design for Open Ceilings, Amsterdam

2014 group exhibition 'ceiling art' BKKC, Tilburg, Netherlands 

2014 summer group exibition De Galerie, The Hague

2014 group exhibition Okker Art Gallery, Amsterdam

2014 work included in the Caldic Art Collection 

2014 work included in the Art Collection of DELA

2015 special work 'stormsea' in group exibition at De Galerie Den Haag

2016 new work 'moving landscapes' exhibited at De Gallerie Den Haag

2017 new works from the book Mr C's garden exhibited



De Galerie Den Haag - - (DG)

Okker Art Gallery, Amsterdam - - (OAG)